We understand the system. We also understand the toll paying for a child's education can take these days.

Pierre Jospe
President, Financial Aid Navigator

For 18 years Pierre was the Director of Financial Aid at the Cathedral School for Boys in San Francisco, California. He was also the school's Director of Finance and Operations. Ensuring that "no child is denied an education because of money" has become his mission-driven focus. Pierre has been actively advising, supporting and encouraging parents to successfully navigate the challenging financial aid system at all levels: elementary, high school and college.

As both a parent and as a financial aid administrator, Pierre intimately knows the inner workings of the complicated financial aid system. Pierre is a father of three children (including a set of twins), all of whom applied and received financial aid from elementary through college. Then as a private school Financial Aid Administrator, Pierre was resposible for awarding over a million dollars in grants every year.

Pierre worked closely with the assessment services, thousands of schools offering assistance, and hundreds of families seeking financial aid.

Doug Sheppard
CTO, Financial Aid Navigator

As Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Sheppard oversees the web portal and all the formulas and data analysis behind Financial Aid Navigator. In his career he has built and run engineering teams at NASA, the Department of Defense, AT&T, and numerous Bay Area startups.

As a father of two, Mr. Sheppard has been through the financial aid process in the private school system in San Francisco for over 10 years.

Recent Family Testimonials

“I saw your recent promo, and realize that it is a new year and a new batch of junior and senior parents. I must say that I am so relieved not to be doing that again! The application, acceptance, financial aid process was very exhausting. I learned a lot, and we are very grateful to have had your help!“
— Parents, 2015 Graduate
“We got an amazing award letter! Thank you for all your help.”
— Parent, 2014 Graduate
“I just wanted to inform you that our efforts, under your wise tutelage, were successful! Thanks SO much!”
— Parents, 2014 Graduate
“I just wanted to let you know that our preschool just offered to reduce our tuition from $18,800 to $10,000 next year and reduced our current year’s tuition by $4,000! Thank you for pushing me to do that! I didn’t think that they would. I am extremely grateful. Thank you again.”
— Parent, Class of 2018
“We are thoroughly delighted to inform you that our son will be attending The XXX School in the fall. In addition to his acceptance, they offered a generous Tuition Assistance award which as you know will make it possible for him to attend.
We are grateful to you for your guidance and council with the financial assistance application process. Your efforts have made an enormous difference for our family and most especially for our son.”
— Parent, 2013 Graduate
“Thank you so much for your help! We are very happy! Also some afterglow. I encouraged a friend to appeal her aid package and now they have enough for their daughter to attend also. So thank you for giving me confidence to encourage a friend to appeal.”
— Parent, 2013 Graduate